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BioSilver is a biologically active substance containing highly dispersed silver particles mostly with a size of less than 10 nm. The synonyms for BioSilver are nano-silver, cluster silver (from Old English clyster “a bunch, a number of things growing together”, in this case a bunch of silver atoms). The bioavailability of silver particles increases due to their small size.


The concentrated solution of BioSilver is a dark-brown liquid with a red tinge and slight opalescence. Diluted solutions have reddish-brown colors with a yellowish tinge of various intensity (depending on the dilution degree) and slight opalescence. In the electronic spectra of BioSilver (nano-silver, cluster silver) there is a characteristic absorption band in the region of 400–450 nm.

Note: Beware of counterfeit! If a nano-silver is offered as colorless solution, then either the amount of nano-silver is too small, or it is ionic silver (for example, silver nitrate solution).


BioSilver is a modern nanotechnology product. The technology of obtaining the BioSilver substance is patented in Russia.


Why do we use the term “BioSilver”?

There are several reasons for this.

  1. BioSilver is safe for humans and animals; it corresponds to the 4th class of hazard "low hazardous substances" according to GOST 12.1.007-76 (in Russia). Note: other silver preparations belong to the 3rd class “moderately hazardous substances” or to the 2nd class “highly hazardous substances”, such as, for example, ionic silver preparations (silver nitrate).

  2. Therapeutic and biotic doses of Biosilver do not harm the intestinal microflora, but on the contrary, contribute to its normalization.

  3. Bioseber in biotic doses is involved in biochemical and physiological processes, normalizes them, enhances the protective and adaptive capabilities of the body, and generally has a restorative effect on the body.

Note: According to Methodological Recommendations MR "Recommended levels of consumption of food and biologically active substances", developed by the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, silver is necessary for normal functioning of the human body along with vitamins, iodine, iron, zinc and other trace elements. Lack of these nutrients and biologically active components in the diet decreases the body resistance to adverse environmental factors; forms the immunodeficiency states; disrupts functioning of antioxidant defense systems; leads to chronicity of diseases; increases risk of common diseases; as well as reduces quality of life and effectiveness of therapeutic measures.

BioSilver differs from antibiotics by the mechanism of antibacterial action. BioSilver also differs from ionic and colloidal silver.


Unlike antibiotics, BioSilver has a wider range of antimicrobial action (against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, both spore-forming and non-spore-forming bacteria, both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, fungi and their associations) and does not harm the intestinal microflora and the body as a whole. Many bacteria quickly adapt and become resistant to the action of antibiotics. Therefore, very dangerous “superbacteria”, “supermicrobes”, “superinfections” appear and quickly spread, they are resistant to existing antibiotics and pose a great threat to human and animal health. To inhibit them, new antibiotics are required. Developing and registering new antibiotics is a costly and time-consuming procedure. Resistant strains of bacteria often appear faster than scientists develop and register new antibiotics. Since the mechanism of the antibacterial action of silver differs from the one of antibiotics, the combined use of BioSilver and the antibiotic results in synergistic effects (enhancement of the antibacterial action). BioSilver restores and increases the sensitivity of bacteria to antibiotics. Thus, BioSilver allows solving the problem of “super-microbes” faster, cheaper and independently of the development of new antibiotics.

In addition, antibiotics do not act on viruses; their use in viral infections is useless. However, viral infections are currently widespread, causing massive diseases and epidemics. BioSilver has antiviral activity; it is effective against viral infections.



Ionic silver preparations are water-soluble silver salts such as nitrate, citrate, lactate, sulfathiazolum and others. Ionic silver has a high reactivity, which causes its toxicity as well as cauterizing and irritating effect on the skin and mucous membranes. Ionic silver preparations are referred to the 2nd hazard class according to GOST 12.1.007-76 “highly hazardous substances” (in Russia). High toxicity, including cytotoxicity and genotoxicity, severely limits the use of ionic silver preparations as medicines. BioSilver is a dispersion of nanoscale particles of metallic zero valent silver. It is much less toxic and corresponds to 4th class "low hazard substances". Therapeutic concentrations of BioSilver do not have a cytotoxic and genotoxic effect. This opens up broad prospects for the use of BioSilver in medicine. Since silver ions in a small amount are eliminated (constantly released) from the surface of nanoparticles into solution, BioSilver could be considered as a kind of safe deposited form of silver ions with prolonged action. However, the effect of nanosilver is not limited to the action of the generated silver ions, but is largely due to the participation of silver nanoparticles in biochemical processes.


BioSilver (cluster silver) is an improved version of the upgraded colloidal silver. The main differences compared with the classic colloidal silver preparations (Collargol, Protargol) are the smaller size of silver nanoparticles and the absence of impurities. This leads to higher consumer qualities of BioSilver, namely its high activity, lower toxicity and greater stability.

For clarity, typical electron microscopic images of protargol and innovative silver proteinate are presented below.

The photo clearly shows how classic colloidal silver (Protargol, Collargol preparations) differs from the innovative BioSilver.


There are no absolutely safe products and components in nature. For example, if you drink more than 10 liters of ordinary water or eat half a pack of salt at a time, you can die.

“All things are poison and nothing is without poison. Solely the dose determines that a thing is not a poison.” (Paracelsus).

As described above, BioSilver is much less toxic than ionic silver and harms the body less than antibiotics.

At the same time, silver is a necessary trace element along with iron, zinc and others for normal vital activity of the body (MR

Our BioSilver is safe in therapeutic doses, it belongs to the 4th class of hazard "low hazardous substances".

In order to harm yourself with the help of BioSilver, you need to drink more than 50 ml of concentrate per day for several months. This is absurdly and economically inexpedient.

Argyria is not a disease, but a cosmetic defect of the skin. In the modern history of the study, only several cases of argyria are fixed worldwide. Most cases are associated with the uncontrolled use of silver preparations in high doses.

Note that under oral intake, silver does not accumulate in the body and rather quickly, almost completely within 1-3 weeks, is eliminated from the body, mainly through the intestinal tract. For more information about the toxicity of silver preparations and Argiria (Argyrosis), you can read in our book under the link.


BioSilver has been on the market for more than 15 years. Trade names of preparations containing BioSilver are Argovit, Argovit-S, Argovit-Bio, Vitargol, Vitargol-Forte, Vitargol BAA, Vitargol spray, Argogel, Argokrem, Silver powder.

BioSilver is used in the following fields (but application of BioSilver is not limited to these fields):

1. ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) diseases, influenza, respiratory infections including ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection)
2. Intestinal infections
3. Tuberculosis, including drug resistant forms
4. Infected wounds (surgery, traumatology)
5. Diabetic foot

1. Feed additives (BioSilver helps to increase the weight gain and decrease the morbidity)
2. Medicines (BioSilver is alternative and supplement to antibiotics)



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